Italian gin at the highest level

23 selected organic botanicals
and the tradition of distilling
make this unique gin
so fresh and fruity.


This organic gin is an impressive reflection of its area of origin – South Tyrol – which itself is a melting pot of Alpine and Mediterranean influences.The lively fresh green aromas of the alpine region entwined in the multifaceted world of Mediterranean fruit and spices open up a completely new gin experience that will delight even the most exacting of gin connoisseurs. 

We recommend a Mediterranean tonic for the perfect gin and tonic drink. Serve with mandarin or orange zest and peppercorns.

Perfect Gin Tonic

Cima3 Gin is a tribute to the majestic Three Peaks
and to all lovers of good taste.

Cima3 Gin is produced in South Tyrol, no less than 23 selected botanicals,
all organic, are necessary to give this uniquely fruity gin of the Three Peaks region
to give its distinctive flavor without missing the typical juniper/Gin note.

1/4 gin + 3/4 tonic

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Gin Tonic

Long Drink
200 ml



1//   Pour 50 ml of Cima3Gin
        into a glass filled with ice cubes

2//  Press the orange slice over the glass
       and drop it in.

3//  Slowly add the Mediterranean tonic water
       and stir gently.

4//  Garnish with the orange onion and
       peppercorns and serve.